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LWD’s foundational goals to deliver growth and ROI don’t only apply to our clients – we work just as hard to offer the same exceptional growth opportunities to our employees. Our 10-year average employee tenure is a testament to the kind of work-life balance that LWD offers. If you’re a self-starter with an interest in fast-paced, measurable marketing, we’d like to speak with you.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders whose experience spans the entire marketing and advertising spectrum. Be it data collection and attribution, technology development, or media planning, buying and analytics, our team features a diverse and remarkably well-connected network of professionals that collaboratively builds campaigns focused on client growth. We learn together, grow together, and win together.

Career Opportunities

Great Work.
Great People.
Great Times.

LWD proudly boasts a collaborative, accessible and supportive working environment that encourages and celebrates personal and professional growth and development.

LWD values creative problem solvers who are eager to learn and grow. We make every effort to provide the support necessary to help our team achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy life balance.

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Founding Principles

Our founding principles have guided our agency since Day One.

Credibility is Everything

Be accountable for what you do and what you say. Honestly, integrity and respect all matter. Nurture your credibility. It’s easy to keep, but very hard to get back.

Be Client Focused

The ultimate partnership. We’re in business because of our clients. Work smarter every day to advance their business.

Always Strive to Do Great Work

Expect great work and great things will happen. Your colleagues, your partners and your clients will benefit.

Challenge Yourself to Improve

Don’t allow anything you do to become “standard.” There’s always a better way. Find it.

Individuals Can Excel

Everyone can and should make a difference. Reach for higher standards.

Everyone has Decision Making Authority

An unmade decision becomes someone else’s problem. Think through the situation and act on it.

Mistakes Happen

They come with making decisions. Learn from them.

Family & Our Personal Lives are More Important Than What Happens Here

A healthy balance is the key to professional and personal success.
“Since my very first day back in 2006, LWD has always presented itself as being a big family where we work and play hard, and has proven to be a place where employee admiration extends all the way from the CEO down to the newest hire. This close-knit feeling is evident in the service we provide and, in my experience, does not go unnoticed by our clients – especially those who may have only worked with larger, less personal agencies in the past. These clients have been quick to applaud us for detailed client service, but also the teamwork and camaraderie within our agency. I believe these qualities are what set us apart from the crowd and have directly contributed to our success not only in my 16 years, but in the 30+ years of this great agency.”

Brian Uhl

VP, Client Services
“Our unique office on the Hudson River provides the landscape that encourages creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Our agency culture promotes fairness, respect, and integrity. The work we provide to our clients is a rare piece of art, and our motivation to grow and remain “best in class” perfectly exemplifies the dedicated and loyal LWD team. Did I ever think that 25 years ago we would have grown from 4 employees to 90+, and have moved and expanded over 10x? The answer is YES. I knew immediately after meeting Dick Wechsler that we would become the most successful, strategic, and cutting-edge performance ad agency in the business.”

Carloyn Sura

EVP, Media Director
“Like many others, my tenure at LWD has made an immeasurable impact on my life. It has truly been a journey full of wonderful moments and unforgettable memories. From office events and client dinners to holiday parties and our beloved agency softball games; I couldn’t be more grateful and proud to be part of such a great company!”

Chris Medina

Senior Media Cost Administrator
“I have been at LWD for just over four years, and I can honestly say that joining this company was THE professional turning point for me. I’ve always known I wanted to be helpful in my career, and this opportunity has allowed me to do so while working with technology. Professionally, I’m empowered to help my coworkers and the agency keep things moving. Working as part of a team feels so refreshing as I had been so used to less collaborative professional environments. I’m thankful that I’m able to utilize my skills and experience to contribute whenever possible because it is genuinely valued and appreciated. LWD has grown a lot in my time here, which is a testament to the agency’s consistency and perseverance, and I’m glad I’ve been able to be a part of it!”

Clara Irizarry

Systems Administrator
“On my first day at LWD in December 2007, a then-coworker sat down on my desk and said “Hey, do you like pro sports?” I said, “Yup, friends for life?” That was a joke at the time, but it’s been 15 years and we still text almost every day. That’s true for so many that have come and gone during my time here. I can also pick up with someone from LWD that I haven’t spoken to in five years like we never missed a day. That’s not typical. The environment here has always made us more of a family than co-workers and it’s truly amazing.”

Erik Fitzgerald

VP, Client Services
“I have so many warm memories at LWD. From our epic holiday parties and summer barbecues to long days working through lunch in the conference rooms. Though work can present its challenges, we somehow always find a way to have a little fun! The close relationships I’ve formed here have gone beyond the Monday through Friday, 9-5. LWD has come to represent so much more than just a job, and I’m looking forward to having continued fun and success within our community!”

Kaitlin Sumner

VP, Research & Insights
“I feel lucky to have started far back enough to when the agency was only about 20 people. It’s strange to think there was even a time I could brag that I was the youngest one here! It is a special feeling to have witnessed the company’s physical growth, as we have continued to knock down walls and expand. I’ve grown up here, starting one month out of college. I even have LWD to thank for my family, having met my husband within these walls. Co-workers have turned into lifelong friends, with the unique sense that people here have lifelong bonds.”

Rachel Wilders

VP, Client Services
“LWD had provided us all the opportunity to grow with our clients and vendors while creating such amazing partnerships. The agency has truly become a second family for myself, my husband, and children; we are beyond grateful to be a part of this community.”

Taber Harris

VP, Director of Business Intelligence