10 Rules for Performance Marketing & DRTV Success

We’ve developed 10 proven rules that make advertising make money no matter what product or service you’re selling.

Make empirical, not emotional decisions.

Critical decisions should always be based on hard facts.


Numbers are everything.

They don’t lie. But they must be handled by experts, so they yield their secrets and provide meaningful direction.


Campaigns should work the first time and every time.

In the right hands, results can always be improved, but not enough to resuscitate a campaign that is dead on arrival.


Frequency is the benefit of, not the key to success.

An expert agency will help you run a successful campaign for all it’s worth.


Never force anything. You can’t beat a down cycle

The key is to know what the cycles are and how to maximize the opportunity.


Don’t waste time, opportunities are fleeting.

Identify and pounce. Run hard with the winners.
Cut your losers ruthlessly.


Creative drives response. Response builds brand. Media builds brand awareness.

Never sacrifice response for creative.


DRTV & Performance Marketing are a science.

Their disciplines will lead to success.


Don’t wait for a campaign to weaken.

Test offer, creative and media from the very beginning. There’s always room for improvement.


The Internet & Advanced TV are a single channel. All video is Advanced Video.

They need to be planned, measured, and optimized seamlessly to achieve maximum scale and efficiency.

Better planning & measurement start here. Let’s get to work!

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