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Crafting Total Video Strategies in a Political Year

Crafting Total Video Strategies in a Political Year

In a political year, the battleground extends far beyond just the polling stations and campaign trails. It’s a fierce competition for attention, waged across screens big and small. Media plays a pivotal role in shaping public perception, swaying opinion, and ultimately, determining the outcome. As the media landscape continues to evolve, both linear and streaming TV platforms have their strategic parts to play in brand campaigns throughout the political year. 

1. Harnessing the Reach of Linear TV

There’s a reason why linear ad spend will account for 57.3% of all political ad spending in 2024!* Linear TV remains a cornerstone of political advertising, offering unparalleled reach and influence. With a projected political ad spending of $7.06 billion this year, it continues to be a powerful medium for reaching mass audiences.* To leverage the reach of linear TV effectively brands should be considering:

Strategic Ad Placements: Identify optimal time slots, channels, and programs for ad placements based on audience demographics and viewing habits.

Event-based Targeting: Capitalize on high-profile events like political debates and conventions to reach engaged audiences and maximize exposure.

Localized Targeting: Utilize local news channels to target specific regions or districts, ensuring tailored messaging for localized issues.

2. Embracing the Potential of Connected TV (CTV)

The rise of Connected TV (CTV) presents new opportunities for brands to engage with audiences in a personalized and targeted manner. During the last election in 2020, advertisers were just beginning to utilize CTV for their campaigns. Now CTV has grown to account for a third of the ad spend for 2024’s total video market!* Tapping into its potential will require strategic planning:

• Data-Driven Targeting: Leverage the wealth of data available on streaming platforms to target specific demographics with tailored messages, ensuring maximum relevance and resonance.

Interactive and Dynamic Content: Explore interactive ad formats and dynamic content insertion to enhance viewer engagement and foster a sense of community around the campaign.

Integration with Linear TV: Integrating CTV campaigns with linear TV strategies can create a cohesive and comprehensive media approach that reaches audiences across multiple touchpoints.

3. Leveraging Performance Marketing Expertise

Incorporating the expertise of performance marketing agencies can further enhance the effectiveness of media strategies on these platforms:

Data Insights and Optimization: Collaboration with a performance marketing agency comes with the ability to thoroughly analyze audience data, further optimize ad placements, and maximize ROI across all media channels.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment: With a true performance marketing mindset, brands will see the difference in their results. This means adopting the process of constant monitoring of performance metrics, making continuous optimizations, and allowing the flexibility to adjust strategies in real-time to capitalize on emerging opportunities and trends.

Cross-Platform Consistency: Ensure consistency in brand messaging across all media channels, reinforcing campaign identity to viewers and driving further familiarity with the brand.

In a political year, the battle for hearts and minds is fought as much on screens as it is on the ground. By crafting total video media strategies that harness the reach of linear TV, tap into the potential of Connected TV, and leverage performance marketing principles, campaigns can effectively navigate the complex media landscape and achieve measurable results. With data-driven insights and strategic planning, brands can make the most of all the media attention in this political year with comprehensive campaign approaches that resonate with audiences and drive engagement.

Source: eMarketer | US TV and Connected TV Ad Spending Forecasts H1 2024, May 2024

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